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Check out our blog for weekly prompts and competitions, along with tips and tricks to get those words flowing.




Check out the Blog for weekly prompts, competitions, inspirational stories, and more!


Wordsmith Weekly was founded by Elizabeth Bradley. A writer and former theatre professional, she now lives in rural Alaska with her husband, adorable one year old son, and rambunctious dog.

After moving to the Last Frontier, Elizabeth rediscovered her love for writing after attempting (and winning) her first NaNoWriMo. Burnt out by long form writing she turned to blogging and discovered flash fiction. Obsessed with the challenge of telling a complete and vibrant story in a limited word count she began writing as much as she could. She has been published in the inaugural issue of StrippedLit500, and is currently working on a novel in a science fiction universe.

After being disappointed with the disappearance of several websites and resources for flash fiction she decided to start her own, and thus Wordsmith Weekly was born. Our mission is to spread a little sunshine, and motivate storytellers everywhere. We hope you enjoy!